Clipping paths / background removal

Make your images more versatile and enhance their appeal with precise clipping paths and background removal. Through the expert use of lasso tools, channel masks, and background erasing techniques, our production teams can improve the value of your images, without compromising on quality.

By removing the background of an image, businesses can reimagine their marketing assets in any way they wish. Whether you need a single-colour background that matches your brand guidelines or a new contextual background for product listings and adverts, our image editing experts utilise a range of techniques that include alpha channel masking and vector clipping paths to precision erasing and edge smoothing.  No matter what your image, we apply the same consistency and quality to every background removal project, so you can focus on growing our business.

Our clipping path and background removal services cover:

  • Removing backgrounds
  • Object removal
  • Block colour changes
  • eCommerce product isolation
  • Layer masking
  • Transparency editing
graphic_tasks_retouch_clipping_path_1200x690px_01.jpg (1) Before
Graphic_Tasks_RETOUCH_Clipping_path_1200x690px_02.jpg After
retouchq_after.jpg Before
retouchq_before.jpg After
retouchr_before.jpg Before
retouchr_after.jpg After
retouchm_after.jpg Before
retouchm_before.jpg After