SPRING Production behind the scenes

Meet our employees and get an insight into what it is like to work in SPRING Production. You can read about what everyday life looks like in different types of jobs and what, according to our employees, makes SPRING Production a great place to work. We are better together.

I was lucky to get a trainee position in SPRING Production 2 years ago. I chose to apply because I had heard that SPRING Production is good at managing trainees. Being part of a big company can be an advantage as many people offer their help and are willing to discuss things with you which is especially great when you are new in the business. The workflow between our locations in Aarhus, Ho Chi Minh and Hamburg definitely makes for an interesting work day. Teamwork is valued highly, and social events frequently take place to strengthen this.

So far, it has been an amazing experience. As a trainee, you get to work in different areas of your own interests, while highly-qualified people offer their support and feedback all the time. SPRING Production helps you find out what exact direction you want to take and assists you in finding your niche in the profession. The trainee period has been very educational, and I’ve been working on a lot of exciting tasks – both on my own and in teams. During the last year of my trainee period, I’ve been fortunate to work with 3D and Motion Graphics, which has been really cool.

Frederik Wendelbo, Motion Graphic Designer, Denmark

I have been working for SPRING Production for over five years now. I love it here because the managers make sure that my strengths and my work tasks match. I have the freedom to find and implement my own role and everyone is ready to listen. We work really hard but we have fun doing it and we always keep the atmosphere so warm and so supportive. Every day I find new things that make SPRING Production a great place to work!

Ha Nguyen Kim, Senior Web Designer, Vietnam

One of the things I appreciate the most about SPRING Production is the high degree of autonomy. There are no strict rules just for the sake of having them, which gives me the opportunity to handle the projects the way I think is optimal. What's more, the fact that I'm allowed to plan my tasks and working week myself means a lot to me. If I need to take a few hours off for personal matters, I just work a few additional hours the next week. This is possible at SPRING Production and I like that. There’s also the international aspect which I find very interesting. As Senior Digital Project Manager, I work very closely with our Vietnamese developers which has given me a valuable insight into a different culture and working mentality.

Martin Runge Kristiansen, Senior Digital Project Manager, Denmark

To me, a good job is not the job itself. With experience and skills, you can find a job that suits you but a good working environment is not that easy to find. At SPRING Production, I enjoy a lively work life with my dear, supportive and effective colleagues and their endless laughs. They make even crazy deadlines and massive workloads fun. Here, I do not have colleagues, I have friends. Beloved ones. It's true that "Problems become opportunities when the right people come together". And, lucky me, I found them all in SPRING Production.

Ai Le Thi Thuy, Senior Graphic Production Manager, Vietnam

In SPRING Production, you don’t feel like a trainee but rather as part of a team. Whenever I need help from my colleagues, they are always happy to help. It makes for a great working environment and you feel more confident asking for help. We work in small teams based on different clients and different types of tasks. As a trainee, I’ve been a part of a couple of teams and so my work day varies a lot. Sometimes I work on a task for an hour, sometimes for several weeks. This makes my job both challenging and fun.

The atmosphere in the office is good and we often play table football during breaks, which is very funny! I am very happy about being a graphic designer trainee in SPRING Production and look forward to the last years of my education, and even more years here.

Natascha Hedegaard Kristensen, Graphic Designer Trainee, Denmark

I joined the company about nine years, and one of the things that keep me here is the friendly working environment. My colleagues are truly great and so are the benefits. I am also excited about the challenges that I get to be part of every day.

Trung Nguyen Thi Le, Image department, Vietnam

I really like my job as a graphic designer here because the atmosphere is so good. My colleagues are talented and everyone is happy to share their knowledge. Our managers are empathic – you always feel heard and understood. As a big agency, there are many opportunities to be on different assignments and room for flexibility. The tone is informal – and we often have a good laugh and a chat by the coffee machine. And as an extra bonus this agency knows how to throw a great party.

Anne Appel, Graphic Designer, Denmark

I joined SPRING Production as a project manager and with my graphic design background, I fit right in. I knew that SPRING Production would be the company I would stick with and build my career path upon. In just one year, I have learned and grown so much thanks to my friendly yet professional colleagues. It is such a marvelous experience to work with large, international clients and I look forward to seeing how I can further thrive at SPRING Production.

Quoc Nguyen, Project Manager, Vietnam

One of the things I enjoy most about working in SPRING Production is that my co-workers and the management team are knowledgeable, caring and fun. I appreciate the "freedom with responsibility" mentality that prevails because it gives me a greater sense of ownership of a task. We have a very casual atmosphere, and insist on taking a little time out once in a while to chat with our co-workers, and ask them how they are doing.

Another thing I truly enjoy is the wide range of tasks and clients. We are a diverse group of people with different skills and experience, which makes it possible to support clients with whatever request they might have. I am encouraged to try new things and learn new skills. There are a lot of courses available through SPRING Production, easy to join and with good, experienced instructors.

Helena Virenfeldt Thøgersen, Graphic Designer, Denmark

I really love my job and the people I work with. They’re talented, collaborative and funny and we always support each other to achieve our goals. Since I joined SPRING Production in 2011, the company has grown very fast but the management is very good at keeping us updated on the vision and direction which is good for motivation and inspire us to develop to grow with the company. I'm so happy to be part of the SPRING family.”

Thuy Truong Thi Bich, Ressource & Project Manager, Vietnam