Marketing implementation for Arla

What do we do for Arla?

Arla relies on SPRING Production to provide expertise on packaging and process optimisation. We handle a variety of different jobs in a number of categories. Our work for Arla includes:

  • Campaign executions
  • Image management and versioning
  • Language versioning

Additionally, in cooperation with Arla, we have created a control system, which allows us to manage and optimize not only our own work but also Arla’s internal processes, thereby creating a more tangible overview.

Why SPRING Production?

With SPRING Production, clients can order entire productions or projects on an individual basis. As Arla was on the lookout for a partner which could do both, we duly stepped up to the task. We have a great deal of experience in colour management and spot colours, meaning that we can finish the job in terms of specs and even take direct contact to the printing house. There are many reasons why Arla trusts our quality and you can find a few of them below:

  • Our vast experience in packaging design. Our skilled staff and their know-how can assist Arla in any packaging requests.
  • Our production process remains uncompromised regardless of the changes in size or volume of an element.
  • Our flexibility allows us to handle entire projects from start to finish even during peak periods.

How do we work together?

Throughout our working process, we work very closely with Arla. In the meantime, we also run a tight in-house operation. We have a team of project managers who are entirely dedicated to the client.

Once the project managers have approved the brief, the project is passed onto an Art Director who will direct our graphic designers straight to work. As soon as an initial draft is devised, Arla unifies the work by means of digitalised proofreading. Thanks to this collaborative proofreading tool, it is much easier and much faster to find mistakes and reduce the time spent on approving the final version, which subsequently leads to cost reduction.

We trust in SPRING Production’s quality and experience. The fact that we can order projects individually shows us how far they go for their clients.

Mette Lørup Bendixen, Senior Brand Manager, Arla Foods