SPRING Production
never sleeps

Thanks to our transnational Danish-Vietnamese production setup, we are able to deliver an always-on service that can adapt seamlessly to situational demands and specific market needs – providing you with lean, highly efficient production solutions whenever you need them.


Through our versatile team of 230+ employees, we are able to provide both scale and flexibility. Our proven hybrid model, combining local market expertise with decentralised production, provides clients with speedy production processes, guaranteed cost- and time-efficiency, and the security of local market project management and insight. Our ability to scale to any capacity is not just due to the workforce – it is supported by a constant process of optimisation and a high degree of automation, which we apply wherever it streamlines cost.

One-stop shopping

Marketing is an ever-changing industry with constantly evolving standards. The need for dynamic content across both online and offline channels has never been more important. Companies will often seek the help of many different agencies to help achieve their needs, but our production setup means you only ever have to use one.  We can provide everything from artwork and print designs to digital, 3D and motion graphics, all produced cost-efficiently in one place.

Client dedication

We strive to develop deeply personal and understanding client relationships that benefit from dedicated project management and adaptable workflows. As a client, you will have one point of contact that deals exclusively with your account – providing a seamless link between your brand and our production teams. They will develop a deep understanding of your values to ensure your requirements are met on every single project and work tirelessly to optimise the production process for your cost-benefit. 

Round-the-clock operation

The time difference between Denmark and Vietnam –  five hours in summer, six hours in winter – enables us to increase our efficiency by working on projects around the clock. While you are asleep, someone on the other side of the globe will be working on your task, ensuring it can be delivered to you by the time you arrive at work that morning. Some of our largest Vietnamese teams work in day/evening shifts to provide our clients with the most responsive service.

This is all made possible through our state-of-the-art IT infrastructure. It allows us to transfer extensive files and data loads across continents at lighting pace with the highest degree of security.