Marketing implementation for Grundfos

What we do for Grundfos

Due to their status in more than 60 markets, Grundfos relies heavily on SPRING Production for fast and easy localisation of all necessary marketing elements, without compromising on the quality of the master editions. Versioning is just one of many jobs we carry out for Grundfos.

Language versioning

  • We version educational videos into more than 30 languages
  • We version approximately 6 product videos into 25 different languages a year.
  • We regularly version catalogues, brochures and flyers.

Web layout

  • We design layouts of local websites, subsites and other content.
  • We provide 3D visualization in a form of a high-quality digital content.

Campaign execution

  • We process and design campaigns based on Grundfos’ visual identity.
  • Campaigns include adverts, catalogues, brochures, flyers, HTML banners, and VR production.

Why SPRING Production?

SPRING Production offers a strong setup of versioning, quality and scalability. This is why we partnered so well with a client like Grundfos.

  • We version more than 10,000 campaign elements for Grundfos every year.
  • We coordinate the versioning process from start to finish, ensuring consistency and a high level of quality we constantly strive for.
  • We have the capabilities to scale any campaign element into any format ranging from print material to complex e-learning videos.

How do we work together?

Planning and coordinating large projects, such as the versioning of e-learning videos. This is a huge task, therefore every time we carefully examine every aspect in order to ensure the best production process and results.

For instance, while versioning an e-learning video for Grundfos, the first thing we do is manage and coordinate the project with the local stakeholders. Before the versioning, SPRING Production develops a Master template. When it’s ready to be versioned, we book speakers all over the world to lend us their voices. The voice over and sound mix both undergo minor adjustments for each country’s version. Once it’s done, the project is ready for delivery. We strive for the highest quality in each version and this production process plays a crucial role in that aspect.

Gitte Kirkeby Søe, Group Director, Grundfos
The fact that SPRING Production can version more than 10,000 campaign elements each year without compromising on the quality is hugely important to us.
Versionings of campaign elements per year
Different markets
Different languages