At SPRING Production, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is close to our heart, especially in Vietnam where we – as guests in the country – feel a strong urge to give back to its citizens and care for their environment. Every year, we help raise money for various organisations and offer our support to important, life-changing causes.


In Vietnam, despite their government’s best efforts, many of the country’s poorest citizens have felt the pressure of dealing with the effects of COVID-19 – food shortages and loss of income have played a significant part in disrupting their everyday lives.

Vietnam is a country close to SPRING Production’s heart, and we’re committed to supporting them in this time of crisis. By donating to Hoang Tuan Anh's Rice ATM – an automated, free to use machine that dispenses rice to those in need of essential food supplies in Saigon's Tan Phu District – we are ensuring the city's most vulnerable communities are able to face the pandemic without going hungry. 

Learn more about Rice ATMs here


About the ‘Saigon’s Children’s Charity’

One of our favourite causes is the Saigon Children’s Charity (SCC), which was founded in 1992. Its main purpose is to help disadvantaged Vietnamese children gain a brighter start in life by supporting their educational needs. And 27 years later, the charity is still going strong.

We believe that investing in children’s education is the key to creating a better tomorrow. And as proud supporters of the SCC, we currently sponsor 22 students in Mekong Delta, providing them with a full high school scholarship, including textbooks and school uniforms.

Once a year we visit the children we sponsor to engage in a day of fun activities. As well as having a great time, it gives us an idea of how they’re developing as people. To recognise the immense effort they put in every single day, we bring gifts to all the children we sponsor.