Marketing implementation for the world largest toy manufacturer


We carry out a variety of different projects for the client. Our work includes the creation of more than 200.000 assets per year – in everything from packaging to HTML5 banners. We also version two annual global campaigns into different formats and languages.

Packaging is another area in which we excel and we’re in charge of 60% of the client’s packaging production. Other work includes motion graphics, core pack production and online experiences to name a few. Ultimately, all the work we carry out can be divided into two categories: graphics and digital.



Core pack production

  • Banners and buttons for omnichannel communication.

Colour corrections

  • Colour correction of more than 14,000 images per year.

Motion graphics, animations and 3D

  • 360 spins
  • 3D rendering of miniature figures for online use
  • Stop-motion films and other minor animations

Creating web-optimised assets

  • Scalable product images
  • Theme pages for the client’s website
  • We web-optimise assets



Landing pages

  • Several landing pages for the client’s website.

Rich media banners

  • HTML5 banners
  • GIF banners
  • Video banner templates

Online experience

  • 360 panoramic view
  • Widgets
  • Web applications

Why SPRING Production?

Having previously worked with several different outsourcing setups, the client chose SPRING Production as their sole supplier.

Four key parameters made us stand out.

  • Our uncompromising focus on high quality in everything we do.
  • Our ability to constantly guarantee delivery security.
  • Our responsiveness to any request.
  • Our high level of security.

The ability to ensure full security was paramount for the toy manufacturer, as they roll out new, confidential product lines on a regular basis.


Since the beginning of our partnership with the toy manufacturer, we’ve moved from being just an asset adaptation team to a team with a more creative focus. And in order to adhere to the client’s needs, it’s crucial that we have the scalability and flexibility to adapt to any type of project and deadline. In that respect, one of our most important responsibilities and projects is our core pack production.

We are in charge of core pack production not only for the toy manufacturer, but also for external retailers. In connection with new product releases, for instance, the client sends the necessary assets to us a year before launch. After this, our dedicated packaging team ensures that we can deliver the project just 6 months after the production’s start.

Jan Jepsen, Director of Graphic Solution, LEGO
SPRING Production is very responsive and always ready to handle any request. Their high level of security is paramount for us as we deal with many confidential projects.
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